2016-2017 Photos

Team Phoenix is Moving!

That’s right, Team Phoenix is moving around the corner and down the street. Daniel Webster College has been our home for 10 years. We are very grateful for the generous use of their facility, storage space, machine shop, computer lab, insurance rider and student support over the years. Many thanks to those who made it happen and to the professors and college students who have worked with us over the years. You are awesome!

Sadly, DWC is shutting their doors May of 2017. Team Phoenix searched high and low for new space. We contacted many local business leaders, including the Mayor of Nashua, and even had a segment run about us on WMUR.  We became a 4-H club, hoping that being insured would make us more desirable and it worked! Team Phoenix has found a new home with the Academy for Science and Design Charter School in Nashua.  ASD offered us a room for our machine shop and storage, …but it needed a little work.

Pretty crowded and pretty messy. So, we began cleaning.  We started by taking everything out of the room to see what we had. ASD said that there were a few things that they wanted to either keep or sell. Everything else was up to us to decide; either toss or keep whatever we found useful. We found plenty that is useful including several huge, sturdy storage shelves. Very generous! Thank you ASD!

Looks a lot cleaner, doesn’t it? Next, we gave it a good coat of paint. We chose light grey to match the color of cobwebs and dust. Clever, huh?

Then we moved all of our stuff from Daniel Webster College to The Academy for Science and Design.

We have been asked by ASD to paint a mural to claim our space in the building.

To be continued in the 2017-18 season photos. See you there. 🙂

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2nd Annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

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Analog Devices’ General Tech Conference 2017

Southern NH Competition @ Bedford HS

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Art Department Work

2016 FIRST Lego League Tournament