• How often does the team meet?

In the fall we meet every Monday and Thursday, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM. This is subject to change based on the requirements of our hosts at ASD, and expands significantly once build season starts. You can find an up-to-date schedule on the ‘Calendar’ tab of our website or click here.
  • When is build season, then?

This season begins with Kickoff on January 6th, and lasts through Stop Build Day on February 20th. Over this period, the team will make an effort to meet 5 days per week. While you don’t have to come in for every meeting, we’d appreciate it if you tried to make as many as possible.
  • What’s this ‘battlecry’ I keep hearing about?

WPI Battlecry is an annual, unofficial competition held at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. It’s a chance for any student on the team to try driving our robot, and network with other teams we’ll be seeing in competitions. This takes place in May after the official season is over.
  • I don’t know what to do- who can I ask for help?

When in doubt, check your email- you’ll often have received instructions from your subteam leader recently. If not, you can always ask them in person.
  • I’m not receiving team emails- what can I do?

Talk to Mr. Brockway, sooner rather than later. He’s the mentor with the particularly majestic beard.
  • How do competitions work?

Unofficial competitions vary in their rules. Official competitions, however, tend to follow the same structure. Teams compete in a series of qualifier matches with random allies, sorted over the course of dozens of games into a leader board. The top eight teams then select allies, forming the eight 3-team alliances that participate in the finals. High enough performance in the finals (or combined, across multiple competitions at the same level) will bring the team into the next tier of competition. Teams that win the Chairman’s award are automatically sent to the next level of competition.
  • What are this year’s game rules?

We wish we knew. Check back on January 6th, when the full information is released!