What are some of our resources?

People of FRC is a Team Phoenix project in the spirit of Humans of New York. It’s a blog that chronicles the stories of FRC students, from Team Phoenix and others, to find out where they come from, where they’re going, and just who the People of FRC really are.

Wondering how the team did last event? Scouting ahead for the next one? Just looking to relive old memories? Whatever your needs, The Blue Alliance is the best source out there for FRC match data, updated live. It even has an android app!

The FIRST website is the hub for everything FIRST- game rule resources, competition schedules, and the infamous registration forms.

Chief Delphi is the premiere FIRST Robotics forum. Here, you can join an active community and find everything from technical discussions to speculation on the next season’s game rules.

The FRC blog is a constantly updated feed of important FRC news and information. If you’re wondering what’s going on in the grand scheme of the competition, check here!

NE First is the organization that organizes and funds FIRST events, including FRC, in the New England area. They’re the reason that this happens at all! They also help FIRST students secure scholarships, internships, and job opportunities.

The FRC Calendar is your source for scheduling information, payment & awards deadlines, and competition dates, all on one convenient webpage. Every entry can be clicked on for more detailed information.

The FRC Manual page provides a comprehensive list of all game resources, updated upon the release of each year’s competition. Here you can find the complete game manual, the kickoff videos, kickoff kit, and more!

The Team 2342 wiki is a site maintained by the team that provides a diverse array of resources. It includes game strategies & robot designs from previous years, as well as tutorials and important reference documents.

Andymark is a robotics parts supplier that partners closely with FIRST. Their biggest attraction is the FIRST Choice program, through which teams can request free(!) robotics parts that might be too specialized to be provided in the kickoff kits.