Our Mission / Who We Are

Our Mission

Changing the lives of youth through robotics.

Who We Are

We are an organization made up of over 50 students who are mentored by area business professionals. Our team is divided into five primary subteams: mechanical, electrical, software, systems, and business. We are student-led and student run: from scheduling meetings to running outreach events, our team  is primarily run by our student team members.

While our mentors provide us with insight and guidance, our students are responsible for all aspects of the team including building our competition robots, procuring necessary funds and organizing outreach events. Our team works together to design the robot, and our mentors help guide us throughout the design and construction processes. Our students have the opportunity to be trained in any of our three engineering disciplines, systems administration, or business. We are known in the FRC world as a team with unique award-winning robots. Our team provides our students with both the engineering and communication skills necessary to be successful post-graduation.

What We Do

During the six-week Build Season, our engineering subteams work together with systems to design, build, wire, and program our robot. We build two identical robots each year, as a part of our iterative design process. Systems, one of our administration subteams, plays an instrumental role in helping our engineering subteams to work together. The Business subteam is responsible for completing award applications and contributing to our team imagery, while ensuring that our team stays financially afloat.

At the end of the six-week build season , we have the opportunity to participate in regional competitions against other teams throughout New England and the world. We are judged not only on the performance of our robot, but in other areas such as imagery, team spirit, safety, outreach, and team management practices.

During the rest of the year, our Engineering subteams work to increase their knowledge base by completing training modules and projects. Meanwhile, our Business subteam is responsible for coordinating team outreach events, developing digital and physical artwork, and forming relationships with community organizations. Our team is involved with the Boys and Girls Club, Nashua Soup Kitchen, Hampstead Community Military Support Group, and other community organizations. We support FIRST Lego League teams in the area through our primarily student-run First Lego League (FLL) Tournament.

We work with students at local schools such as the Academy for Science and Design as a part of our #include <WomenInSTE(A)M> initiative. We also run robot demonstrations at events such as the Goffstown Pumpkin Regatta. These events help us to increase STEM awareness, and to encourage students to consider STEM careers.